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Sam Ross' Badger List: Instructional Videos for Everyone!

There are plenty of "how-to" windsurfing DVDs on the market and some great instructional content out there but as we become more and more digital, it seemed that there was a gap for those that want the info on the beach, or whilst sat at their laptop. Some moves have plenty of online content built for them, while others have very little and as an instructor there often isn’t the time to film a good demo for your students which you can share with them to have a look at...
Sam Ross' Badger List was designed to try and remedy much of this by putting together some simple but well shot videos going through key intermediate skills as well as progressing onto more advanced and freestyle moves. Each video aims to use the best angles and not only give voice-over but some key coaching points at the end of each video.
You don’t need to sit down and watch hours of footage; each video looks at just one move and they are all between 2 and 7 minutes long. They are layered out in a rough linear order but their bite size nature means you can watch them in any order as many windsurfers learn different things at different times depending on location, conditions... etc.



Blasting Control

Strap-to-Strap Jibe

Big thanks to Neilson for putting us up and providing their fantastic resort of Ortakent for the back drop of all the filming! Also a big thanks to Tushingham Sails and Starboard Windsurfing for all the great gear and to LifeCinematic who looked after all the filming editing and production.

If you are keen to train as an instructor, attend a coaching clinic in the United Kingdom or overseas or simply want to access more videos, check out Sam Ross' official website here!