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Billabong Surf Capsule SS Coral UPF50+ Medium

Billabong Surf Capsule SS Coral UPF50+ Medium
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Pro Limit
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ProLimit PG Harness Kite Waist Edge

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ProLimit PG Harness Kite Waist Edge

ProLimit PG Harness Kite Waist Edge
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ProLimit PG Harness Kite Waist Edge

Girls favorite freestyle waist harness. Its our most comfortable Girls waist harness. The bigger neoprene softedge bridges the gap between a low side profile structure and high side profile support outline. This makes it perfect for long sessions and high contortions.

Features explained

Slide in barpad

Our locked-in barpad stabilises the spreader bar and protects you

Multiple leash connectors

Options to use back, side or front attachment of your kiteleash

Allround optimized outline profile

Meduim back and side profile that works for freeride and wave

Duracore webbing

Custom weave webbing with high thread-count for durability

Patented PIN release

Click-in/click-out spreader bar keeping it’s optimal shape and strength

Integrated flex zones

Structural gaps in the load plate allows for flex in certain zones

Internal load plate Mark I

A Flex optimised load plate for more flexible harnesses

3D shaped

Shaped top to bottom to fit perfectly onto the human body


Shaped to fit around the body with no bunching inside

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