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O'Neill WMS Skins SS Crew XS UPF50+

O'Neill WMS Skins SS Crew XS UPF50+
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Osprey Downhill 40.5" Twin Tip Longboard

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Osprey Downhill 40.5" Twin Tip Longboard

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Osprey Downhill 40.5" Twin Tip Longboard

The Osprey Downhill Twin Tip Longboard features a photographic print of an awesome dream downhill longboarding track on top of a dark shade of strong maple wood with bright aqua wheels.

The Osprey Downhill’s Twin tip shape gives you deep carving capabilities by eliminating wheel bite completely. The longboard’s generous width gives it stability which in turn helps beginners & also helps people of all longboard abilities master and improve their technique, as there is plenty of deck space to play around with weight distribution and footwork.

The twin tip longboard’s large soft wheels mean you get an ultra-smooth ride; the soft wheels iron out any stones and bumps on the ground which means you can really go the distance.

The other great feature of this board is its drop through truck which essentially lowers your centre of gravity, closer to the ground so you feel much more secure and stable, even at high speeds. A great longboard for all levels of ability with a unique and distinguishing downhill track photographic design.

  • A complete twin tip longboard
  • Wide deck makes it great for beginners
  • Drop through trucks for secure & stable ride
  • Perfect shape for wheel bite avoidance
  • Unique downhill track design

Technical Spec


  • 40.5” x 9.25” Twin Tip Concave Deck
  • 70mm x 51mm SHR 82A PU Blue Wheels
  • ABEC 9 Chrome Bearings
  • 8 Ply Canadian Maple
  • 7” Aluminium Drop Through Trucks

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