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Besides the board the paddle is the most important part of the Stand Up Paddle sport. The selection has risen in the past years. High-end carbon paddles, Glassfiber and Glassfiber-Carbon hybrid paddles or the simpler aluminium paddles, you get it all here at your specialized Stand Up Paddle shop.

Small Paddle tutorial:

What kind of paddle should I buy?

One-piece, 2-piece Variopaddle or 3-piece paddle

One-piece paddles have to be adapted to the person who is going to use it. (the paddle comes with the handle on the side) So, the paddle has to be cut to the right length and afterwards the handle is glued in. Those paddles float and are also the lightest ones on the market.

2-piece paddles are adjustable in length and can be used by several people. If you are not limited in transportation size (length is about 160cm to 180cm) you will get a light and sturdy paddle.

 3-piece paddles are adjustable in length and can be taken apart for transport. Since this is the best selling kind, you can get such a paddle at varying prices and qualities.


What kind of paddle for what kind of rider?

When you have decided if to get a 1,2 or 3-piece paddle, you get to the decision of quality. Of course you will choose, concerning price-performance ratio.

Aluminium Paddle

Those paddles are rather heavy and the linking mechanisms not particularly of high value. Therefore, they are only recommendable to occasional paddlers on an allround level. Unfortunately they also tend to bend on heavy duty.

Glass Paddle

These paddles are already a little stiffer and are available at various price levels. The lower priced ones come with a plastic paddle blade and the costlier ones already with a paddle blade made of glass fiber.

Recommendable for the allround to the slight sportive sectore.

Carbon Composite Paddle

These paddles are already made with a 30% carbon reinforcement in the shaft and the plastic paddle blade is reinforced with glassfiber. They are very popular, as they combine sturdiness with a sporty character. Furthermore they are available at a relatively low price.

50% Carbon Paddle

Here you get a paddle made already of glasfiber material in combination with 50% carbon, in the shaft as well as the paddle blade. That makes it noticably lighter and the ideal touring paddle. If you wish to stick to one paddle, we recommend this kind for the allround up to the athletic purpose.

100% Carbon Paddle

These paddles offer amazing comfort concerning weight and performance. They may be on the more expensive side, but in the long run you will definitely htey will bring a lot of joy. These paddles cover a great range of use from allround to very athletic.